state of Affairs in Paksitan

Whatever happened today was pretty much expected under the pretext of Emergency/Marshall Law. this is why any move towards Marshall Law is so hated in this country. Not that the arrests and beatings are anything new to Musharraf Marshall Law or not… but what it means now is that no one can challenge this in courts, (even if they did… we’d already know the verdict since the Judges in these courts now dance to Musharraf’s tune) and none of this will obviosuly be reported in the Media. Therefore people of Paksitan are once again left deaf, dumb and blind. Worse yet, they’re forced to watch and listen to communist style state run TV which knows nothing beyond praising the dictator for his actions “in the national interest”.

I do agree that the media was quite harsh to Musharraf’s regime, but what should we make of it… Musharraf’s enlightened moderate vision says that they did this without any regards to “national interest” whilst the media thinks that they only brought the public opinion to the forefront. Pardon me, but in a democratic government isn’t public opinion supposed to supercede the opinion of one man, specially when it’s in conflict with hte public opinion?

What about the whole drama in the courts then? Aren’t the courts supposed to be a check on the administrative piller of governance? why should then the courts be answerable to Musharraf?

No matter how much Musharraf claims to be pro democracy, his actions have proven otherwise so far. Once again, just like the previous Marshall Laws, this one too is going to have consequences that will have long term affects. These affects may not be visible at the moment, but will show their heads once the current setup/government changes.


State Of Emergency forced on Pakistan

Once again the the political cirlce..( red: Circus) has come back 360 degrees to the point of Marshall Law/State of Emergency in Pakistan. It used to be every 20 or so years 1958, 1978, 1998 but this time it has come around rather quick for the comfort of the politicians in 2007, even though it never went away since 1998.

Musharraf is expected to Address the nation tonight even though, no official reason has been given so far. The Western media (CNN later reported that Marshall Law has declared) is again quick to give it a terrorrism related spin which they later took off their sites and and now are speculating about the Concerns of ‘Lawlessness and and political instability’ but we know fully well that it’s an old trick out of one of Musharraf’s infamous hats to extend his own Rule. The Chief justice has aparently been arrested and the media suspended.

Ah…. what else is new… seems like Pakistan has a way of digging themselves a hole time and again. It’s throughly depressing to see this happen especially with a figure head who has time and again denied such intentions. This just goes to show how easy it is to use the military muscle to your advantage when a military ruler is in power… A democratic government would have had to go through major hurdles to impose anything like this. All a dictator has to do is ask his troops to move in and take control of everything.

Then again it’s not all that depressing knowing Pakistan’s history.. knowing fully well that more the things change, more they remain the same. Pakistan has seen this far too often and the life has still continued. People here have found a way to disconnect themselves from the political drama and carry on with their normal lives… Sure, every slightest political move is discussed in details on every corner of every street, cafe, barber’s, taxis, work and any other imaginable place where 2 people can congrigate ( as it’s bound to happen tonight as Kamal Haider, the reporter for Al-Jazeera describes it as a ‘black day’)but… It seems that people are unflustered by all these going ons… after all who would want to raise a voice infront of a man with a gun????